Saturday, November 29, 2008

thankful for snow....finally!

not really sure what this is?
mommy & daddy what is this?

daddy throwing little snowballs at me

getting a little more adventurous

completely covered and cold time to go in!
so we finally got some measurable snow here in denver after a long spout of unseasonably warm and dry weather. after a couple days of company and a nice afternoon nap today, we decided to venture out in the white stuff that brady woke up to this morning. all day he has been looking out the front window saying, "whoa". we bundled him up although i am a slightly unprepared mommy we have now winter boots, must get on that immediately, so our time was cut short outside because i was afraid his feet were too wet and cold. i know this isn't really his first snow, but in a way it is. last year he was too little to really appreciate the stuff. daddy carried him out and set him in the snow as he bent down for the first time and stood up to look at his snow covered mitten he said, "whoa" again. he was definitely baffled as to why he was having such a hard time walking in the stuff, we reassured him that will come with experience. it is finally beginning to look a lot like christmas here.

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