Thursday, November 6, 2008

more book please!

If you are wondering if these are some of the books we have been reading lately you would be correct, but the significance is we read all of these in a row in one night. Most nights we read two or three books, but this night we read ten in a row. We would finish one and then say "all done". Brady would then crawl off of the chair go to his book cupboard pick out another book hand it to me and then crawl back up into the chair (which I must say is still a lot of work for the little guy) and sign more and then say "book". This continued until after book ten mommy said "all done" and redirected his attention to something else. I do have to say I am so excited that he is taking such an interest in reading and in books. He absolutely loves them. I guess all that reading I did to him at one and two months old is finally paying off. We already have one smart cookie but he is getting smarter every day.

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