Sunday, November 9, 2008

one tough old bird

it seems that my grandmother has inherited some of the spirit and toughness of the many birds she feeds at her small wildlife refuge at her house. she has encountered yet another speed bump in her long list of ailments lately. after a surgery to remove a stomach ulcer and the loving care of the extremely gifted nurses and doctors in the icu unit at luthern, she appears to be getting better. the doctors and nurses all keep reminding us that she has a long road ahead of her and a lot to over come given her current condition, but she is fighting and this morning we were told that her white cell count is down and that she is starting to over come the infection in her abdomen. it was wonderful news to get this morning since it has been my first call of the morning for the last couple of days to call the hospital to see how she weathered the night. it is never fun to see someone who has been a part of your life, well for as long as you remember lay in a hospital bed with a breathing tube in them. this is something that i hope i won't have to see much longer or ever again for that matter. even though the doctors say that she is pretty out of it though i love that when i go and hold her hand and talk to her about brady how she tries to talk although she can't and raises her eyebrows and moves her hand a little to let me know that she can hear me. i love my grandma very much and has much as i don't want to see her suffer anymore i am not ready to let her go either, i guess no one i ever ready for that. i know she is trying to stay here for something. whether it be for the family or something else we don't know now, but i know that when god is ready it is out of all our hands and he will call her home to a better place that we can only dream of. we love you grandma.

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